Cincinnati, Ohio,
10:16 PM

Cincinnati Biorefining recognized by EPA

​The Cincinnati Biorefining Division has achieved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry. The Challenge for Industry recognizes plants that achieve a 10 percent reduction in energy intensity within five years. The energy intensity reduction for the Cincinnati Biorefining Division was 30.7 percent within one year.

“Reducing the site’s energy consumption was a full team effort,” said Kristi Wegener, process engineer. “There was a lot of opportunity and everyone was willing to take the extra step to grab it. Tech Service recommended process optimization changes. Operations made the moves and monitored the process. The lab ran countless tests. Maintenance identified opportunities for improvement in the field.”

The 30 percent reduction in energy consumption was realized with little capital investment by the facility. “Energy reduction continues to be a focus for the site, but now it’s a little harder to find,” added Wegener.

photo:Stefanie Griffith
Stefanie Griffith
Communications Manager
photo:Jamal Kheiry
Jamal Kheiry
Communications Manager
photo:Brianna Patterson
Brianna Patterson
Communications Specialist
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