Findlay, Ohio,
09:56 PM

10 Reasons Why It's Awesome to be an Intern at MPC (in Findlay, Ohio)

We asked our Findlay, Ohio-based interns and co-ops to create Vines (i.e., 6-second looping videos) to tell us why they like working for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC). You can join the conversation across social media with hashtag #MPCInterns.

We now present 10 reasons why it's awesome to be an intern at MPC. (Note: To hear each clip's audio, hover over the video, then click on the speaker icon in the top left corner.)


10. Hot Air Balloons!

Findlay, Ohio, is host to the annual Balloon Fest, a beautiful sight and an awesome event. (Flag City Balloon Fest)


9. Deitsch Brothers Ice Cream!

Interns working at MPC's headquarters in downtown Findlay are walking distance from the #3 Best Ice Cream Shop in America! (Deitsch Brothers Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream


8. Support your community!

Interns participate in community service projects - a great way to give back (and make new friends).


7. Get real experience and professional training!

Interns are given real assignments and are trained alongside their professional counterparts. Seen below is a Safety1 class, a safety leadership development program.


6. Skydiving!

Our interns and co-ops love heading out on adventures in their time off. Jumping out of planes wasn't required to be an MPC employee, but some will do anything for the Vine opportunity.


5. White Water Rafting!

A group of interns traveled to the hills of West Virginia for a chance to tackle some rapids.


4. Creative Team Building!

From extreme juggling to playing with Play-Doh®, interns find it's possible to learn and have fun at the same time.


3. Baseball!

Findlay is just a hop and a skip away from Toledo, Ohio, home to the Mud Hens baseball team and the Walleyes hockey team.


2. Bowling!

What a great way to unwind after a long day at work!


1. Marathon will take you there!

When you think about your career goals, what stands in your way? With an internship at MPC, you'll soon find that no matter what you want to achieve, "Marathon will take you there."


Look like fun? If you're interested in internship opportunities with MPC, visit!