Findlay, Ohio,
11:18 PM

A culture of giving

At Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), community involvement is a grassroots effort, driven by employees. Every community has a unique set of needs, and nobody knows these needs better than the people who live there. MPC employees volunteer their time, resources and talents for organizations they care about. In addition, the company matches their qualifying charitable contributions to the nonprofits where they volunteer.

United Way operates with a very similar approach, identifying and supporting the organizations that meet their communities’ unique needs most effectively.

For example, the United Way Galveston County Mainland – which serves the area of Texas where two MPC refineries are located – supports 31 partner agencies, ranging from the local chapters of national organizations like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to more community-specific groups like the Sunshine Center and Connect Transit.

Robinson, Illinois, home of another MPC refinery, is served by the United Way of Knox County, Indiana, and Crawford County, Illinois. It supports 12 agencies in Crawford County and 24 in Knox County, focusing on meeting the needs that characterize these rural areas.

In contrast, the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, covering the area where MPC’s Detroit refinery is located, partners with more than 80 agencies, and is geared toward the needs of the large metropolitan area.

And so it goes in each community where MPC operates: the company and United Way support their neighbors in need.

Given the United Way’s tailored, community-driven approach, it’s only natural that MPC has partnered with it. In fact, the partnership goes back decades. When the United Way of Hancock County, Ohio, first took shape in 1955, MPC donated office space in the company headquarters to house it.

Today, employees throughout MPC’s operating areas raise funds for the United Way through golf tournaments, raffles, auctions and much more. MPC matches a portion of these donations to augment the total contribution. Since MPC became a standalone company in 2011, matching contributions alone have been $5,126,110.

“Our decision to support United Way at the corporate level was an easy one,” says MPC Administrative Services Manager Paul Smith, who oversees the company’s philanthropic budget. “We look closely at a community’s needs and allocate funding to high-quality nonprofits that make people’s lives better. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want.”