Canton, Ohio,
12:00 AM

Canton Refinery Ready for Utica Shale Production

We have an outstanding team at Canton and I’m extremely proud of what our employees are doing to ensure a successful future for the refinery.
MPC General Manager Brad McKain

The Utica Shale formation in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania is one of our nation’s rapidly developing hydrocarbon plays, and Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC’s) refinery in Canton, Ohio, sits in the heart of it all. Because of its location, condensate – a light hydrocarbon liquid – from Utica has a significant price advantage for the refinery.

The refinery is expanding its ability to receive and process condensate through a project that will install a new fractionator, and the facility is partnering with MPC subsidiary Marathon Pipe Line to install a new truck rack to unload condensate and other liquids production from Utica. By the end of 2014, condensate processing capacity at the refinery will more than double, enhancing its competitive position.

At the same time, Cornerstone Pipeline, planned by the MPC-sponsored partnership MPLX, will play a key role in the transportation of condensate, crude oil and natural gas from the Utica Shale. When completed, Cornerstone will run approximately 48 miles from Cadiz, Ohio, to the Canton refinery.

“We have an outstanding team at Canton and I’m extremely proud of what our employees are doing to ensure a successful future for the refinery,” said General Manager Brad McKain. “Not only are we building refinery capacity to take advantage of the developing Utica condensate production now, but we are also partnering with stakeholders in the community to build capacity for continued success in the future.”

The refinery has focused on educating state and local officials about the significance of these projects. “The refinery has hosted multiple elected officials as well as oil and gas industry groups, with the goal of educating them on the impact MPC and these projects have on the local economy and the nation’s energy security,” said McKain. He went on to stress their efforts have also included working with educational institutions and organizations aimed at developing oil and gas college curricula and educating women, minorities and others about the employment opportunities in the growing oil and gas industry in Ohio.

McKain was also quick to praise the safety efforts of Canton employees. The refinery’s Blitz Team, which includes MPC safety professionals and contractor partners, are collaborating together to promote the MPC safety culture through teamwork and mentoring. The team spreads the safety focus to areas across the refinery. “This effort is a great example of the refinery’s ‘One Team, One Goal’ philosophy,” added McKain.


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