Catlettsburg, Kentucky,
02:30 PM

Catlettsburg Refinery hosts information technology and engineering students

Catlettsburg refinery recently hosted students and faculty from Marshall University’s College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE). This is the sixth year for the event, which has grown from 15 students the first year to this year’s record attendance of 93 students.

Participants were treated to presentations by Mechanical Engineer Kyle Thibaut, Safety Intern Kyle Herd, Process Safety Management Engineer Dave Burns and Environmental Supervisor Kelli Totten about engineering, process safety management, and safety and environmental professions at the refinery. The guests also were taken on a tour of the facility by Technical Services Engineer Rob Dugan, Environmental, Safety and Security Manager Mike Alley and Burns.

“This event gives us an opportunity to cast a favorable light upon the refinery with many college students, the administration of Marshall University's College of Information Technology and Engineering, other business leaders who are members of the Marshall University Safety Advisory Board and engineering and safety faculty members,” said Alley who hosted the visit with Safety Supervisor Greg Gibson. “They leave this tour and visit with a very positive impression of Marathon Petroleum Company.”

“Students in CITE deeply appreciate the opportunity to see a working refinery in action and hear firsthand from the different departments involved such as safety, environmental engineering, and mechanical engineering,” said Elizabeth Hanrahan, associate dean, CITE, Marshall University. “This tour and lecture shows them the practical application of what they are studying and therefore is an invaluable experience for them, which they talk about all the rest of the year.”

The connections made during this event have resulted in the refinery hiring four safety professionals who visited during past tours, while two of the students who attended this year’s event have completed internships with MPC.