Findlay, Ohio,
04:47 PM

Celebrating the pursuit of continuous improvement

Two of Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC’s) organizations, Terminal, Transport and Rail (TT&R) and Marketing, each recently took time to celebrate achieving MPC’s President’s Award for Responsible Care® and Corporate Organizations Recognizing Excellence (CORE) Values Award, respectively.

On June 12, about 300 TT&R employees gathered at Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio, for a celebratory President’s Award luncheon. “The true winners of this award are all of you and the 1,000 more employees in the field,” said Tim Aydt, TT&R manager.

Adding his comments, Transportation & Logistics (T&L) Senior Vice President John Swearingen noted that, “TT&R scored the highest or tied for the highest in seven or eight out of the 12 categories, and that’s typically what you see with the winners. They’re strong across the board.”

“Remember the real reward,” he added. “The real reward is people go home safe. Your co-workers and contractors go home safe, and the public and the environment is protected.” And recounting an old African proverb, he added, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

MPC’s Senior HES&S Vice President George Shaffner attended the celebration, having served as T&L senior vice president during the period covered by the President’s Award. “There were a lot of people who said this couldn’t be done because of how big this organization is and how spread out it is. I’m really amazed at how well you’ve come together,” he noted. “The foundation [of this award] has always been on being committed to continuous improvement. The thing that has to happen for an organization the size of TT&R is that employees have to feel empowered to take on those improvements.”

On June 23, 150 Marketing employees gathered at Alexandria’s in Findlay, Ohio, for a luncheon to celebrate the achievement of the CORE Values Award.

Noting that his organization has 230 employees, scattered across 14 states and six field locations, Marketing Senior Vice President Tom Kelley said that Marketing’s goal continues to be to seek continuous improvement on what the organization already does well. “This year, we wanted to provide more focus to embrace the company’s values,” said Kelley. “We formed balanced teams to add some structure to what is already a company of hard working, compassionate people.”

Shaffner also offered his remarks at the CORE Values celebration, noting that he had been present for the voting for the award. “You had an impressive presentation, which you backed up with results,” he said. He encouraged the group to “remember what got you here and never compromise. Keep everyone involved in your organization.”

Along with the awards, the organizations are given a grant to donate to the non-profit organizations of their choosing. Marketing chose the Wounded Warrior Project as the recipient of its $5,000 award, while TT&R chose to split its award between the Wounded Warrior Project and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

MPC President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Heminger congratulated TT&R and Marketing at both celebrations. “These two awards have enveloped the entire company,” he said. “Sometimes when I’m talking to analysts about MPC, it catches them off guard. The way our employees have become involved throughout the company is genuine. It’s not a show, and not done to win an award. It truly is sincere, and has become the fabric of our company and a platform for what we stand for.”

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