Cadiz, Ohio,
10:09 PM

Cornerstone Pipeline begins use

Being involved in the development and construction of a new pipeline feels a bit different from being involved in other kinds of construction projects. For one thing, when the work is complete, no one can see the accomplishment because, for the most part, it is buried underground.

Nevertheless, it was a point of pride for the company, and definite cause for celebration for everyone involved in the development of Cornerstone, when the pipeline passed all testing with flying colors and officially began to flow in October 2016. The 50-mile Cornerstone Pipeline was more than three years in the making and involved dozens of employees in Marathon Pipe Line (MPL) and Marketing & Transportation Engineering at Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), from the planning and permitting process, to right-of-way acquisition, procurement and construction.

The line fill began into the East Sparta, Ohio, tank farm on September 29, and was shortly followed by the line fill into the Canton refinery. A press release announced its full operational debut on October 11, 2016.

We are really pleased to add Cornerstone to our pipeline portfolio, and very proud of all the employees who contributed their talents to make it a reality. The state-of-the-art pipeline is the backbone of our Utica Shale strategy. It adds superior safety, reliability and economics to transportation alternatives and is also the first step in our strategy to provide further distribution to the Midwest and Canada.
Chairman, President and CEO Gary R. Heminger