Findlay, Ohio,
09:02 PM

Diversity is a success factor and a matter of principle


For MPC’s Talent Acquisition team, the stakes are high. Because MPC manufactures the fuel and other products that make modern life possible, the work we do is critically important to millions of people every day.

“That means we’re searching for the best candidates for every position we have available,” says MPC Talent Acquisition Supervisor Tony Moore. “We make sure we are recruiting students and recent graduates from a diverse array of colleges and universities, as well as skilled professionals from everywhere – any industry, any geographic location.”

Moore and his team are looking for a combination of skills and characteristics that match MPC’s rigorous requirements. They look for people who are technically proficient in their chosen fields, so measures of performance – whether grades or job accomplishments – are important. “But it goes beyond that,” says Moore. “We have to keep in mind that millions of people rely on MPC for some of their most essential needs, so we also look for candidates who show drive and passion for this important work.”

One of the factors Moore and his team focus on is diversity. “This is important for us, because diversity directly correlates with success,” he says. “We know that when we have a diverse workplace, we have a wider range of backgrounds and abilities that provide different ways of understanding our world. That means that for any given project, problem or day-to-day task, we’re availing ourselves of the widest array of talent possible.”

Cultural, racial, religious, ethnic, political, gender … these measures of diversity, Moore says, are indicators, but aren’t necessarily the reason for his team’s diversity talent-acquisition efforts. “Those labels are markers that society uses, but what we’re striving for is actually much bigger than that,” he says. “Our society is one of the most vibrant the world has ever seen because of the amazing diversity of people who make it what it is. We work to tap that same diversity of talent and worldviews for the benefit of our company and the millions of people who rely on our products.”