Findlay, Ohio,
09:03 PM

Enhancing Our Transparency

At Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), we are transparent with our shareholders, employees and the general public because we want these stakeholders to understand our business. Our Annual Report and 10-K publication, for example, contains about 150 pages of detailed discussion about the assets we own, risks to our business, expenditures we make, revenues we take in and much more.

We also report huge amounts of environmental data and political engagement information to various regulatory agencies. In an effort to enhance our transparency, we have added sections to our corporate website that presents much of this political and environmental data in user-friendly formats.

Our new Environment page on can be accessed by hovering over the Corporate Citizenship tab and clicking Health, Environment, Safety & Security, and then clicking Environment in the navigation bar at the left of your screen (found here). On the Environment page, you’ll find data on our throughput, emissions, energy efficiency efforts and much more.

Political disclosures can be found on our website by hovering over the Corporate Citizenship tab and clicking Political Engagement and Disclosure (found here). On that page, you’ll have the option to use interactive maps that will take you directly to tables showing political contributions, or to public websites that provide that information.

This table on our Environment Web page shows MPC's industry leadership in earning EPA ENERGY STAR recognitions.

This chart on our Environment Web page shows how our refining criteria pollutant emissions have gone down by 56 percent, even as our throughput has increased 40 percent.

MPC's Political Engagement and Disclosure Web pages provide large amounts of data for those interested in our political activities.