Garvyville, Louisiana,
04:21 PM

How MPC employees rallied to help a community in need

When 6.9 trillion gallons of rain fell on Southeast Louisiana from August 8-14 – one area drenched by 32 inches of rain in one day – areas that hadn’t flooded in anyone’s recent memory were suddenly underwater. The overall statistics to date: 13 lives lost; 40,000 homes damaged and 30,000 people rescued or displaced. With one dozen of the 20 impacted parishes declared disaster areas, a massive cleanup effort was mounted.

Among those impacted were approximately 120 Garyville refinery employees and many more nested contractors - 31 of whom at last report have lost their homes.

MPC mobilized to take on the situation immediately. Among the relief efforts, MPC immediately offered interest-free loans to employees to replace property losses. MPC’s Corporate Emergency Response Team, led by Safety & Security Manager Fritz Kin, was dispatched for the humanitarian response. Their efforts included securing temporary housing, acquiring supplies, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of employees.

One of the refinery’s warehouses was designated as a staging area for much needed supplies including generators, dehumidifiers, fans, batteries, bottled water, bug spray and a variety of cleaning supplies. More than 90 volunteers stepped forward to help distribute these supplies and assist with cleanup efforts at people’s homes. 

“The MPC community always comes together when there is a need, and this has been no exception,” notes Garyville Refinery General Manager Tracy Case. “The spirit and resolve of everyone involved has been simply amazing. I couldn’t be prouder of our employees and the immediate response provided by the company we all work for.”