Laotto, Indiana,
09:37 PM

Indiana Marathon station employs local favorite Grandma

Marathon brand stations are independently owned and operated, which makes each one unique. One such store is the Marathon brand station in Laotto, Indiana.

Since 2012, the Marathon Brand has had a relationship with Adam Dager’s All American Store in Laotto. One of the things that makes this location unique is one of Dager’s employees, 86-year-old Doris Maxine.

Maxine has been at the Laotto location for five years and goes by “Grandma” to her customers. It suits her well, as she also happens to be Dager’s grandmother.

Grandma grew up in Ohio City, Ohio, and has no intentions of quitting work anytime soon. “I’ve got an 88-year-old husband at home, and I still enjoy the balance of working and being at home,” said Grandma. Before going by “Grandma,” her name was on the schedule as “Max.” One day for no particular reason, everyone started calling her Grandma.

Grandma is also known outside of Laotto through her frequent interactions with a local radio station. Dager’s chain, All American Stores, raises money through its “A Heroes Holiday” program every year to benefit 15 local military families in need. Grandma is frequently heard on the radio during the holiday season to raise money for the cause.

She is only at the Laotto store two days a week, but Grandma is well known for her hugs. “She has a big heart and an infectious smile. If she isn’t working certain days of the week, customers start to complain that they miss her,” says Dager. “Really, she’s the boss."