Findlay, Ohio,
07:10 PM

Integrity has been our foundation since 1887


For more than 125 years, MPC has been providing energy. During that time, we have adapted to dramatic shifts in technology, energy supplies, geopolitics, demographics and what society expects of us. There are very few facets of our company that remain unchanged by these developments. The values of trust, respect, dignity and honesty are among those constants.

Those values are part of our culture, entrenched in our daily work. Gene Farmer, manager of MPC’s Business Integrity and Compliance (BI&C) office, says there are two broad areas of BI&C focus. “First, we want to make sure our values are at the forefront of every decision we make,” he says. “And second, because we know our employees want to do the right thing, we make sure they understand we have a ‘speak up’ culture that empowers them to ask questions and to report potential misconduct.”

While employees are encouraged to seek guidance from their supervisors, MPC maintains and actively promotes a helpline for employees and third parties to anonymously ask questions and report allegations of unethical or illegal conduct. “We encourage a ‘speak-up’ culture through regular communication with employees about matters of ethics and compliance,” says Farmer.

And the effort has been consistently yielding results. For several years, the number of BI&C cases increased, indicating that communications efforts were enhancing awareness. After a peak of 367 cases in 2013, the number dropped to 336 in 2014.

The emphasis on ethics and integrity isn’t limited to the BI&C office; it includes all employees, top to bottom. “A reputation for integrity is one of the most important assets any individual or company can possess,” says Gary R. Heminger, president and CEO. “Generations of employees before us have helped build our good reputation, but all their efforts can be ruined by a single unethical or thoughtless act. That’s why it is vital that each and every one of us makes a personal commitment to behave with uncompromising integrity.”