Findlay, Ohio,
07:16 PM

Marathon Gasoline Featuring STP® Additives Now TOP TIER™ Certified


Marathon Petroleum Corp. today announced that all grades of its Marathon brand gasoline with STP additives are now TOP TIER certified.

TOP TIER certified gasoline is a standard for gasoline performance set forth by some of the world’s top automakers. Being TOP TIER certified means going beyond the level of detergency additives required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fighting the accumulation of harmful deposits and improving the performance of vehicle engines. Independent laboratory testing by the American Automobile Association shows that TOP TIER certified gasoline keeps engines significantly cleaner than non-TOP TIER brands.

“We are proud that all grades of Marathon gasoline with STP additives are TOP TIER certified throughout our 19-state marketing area,” said Bill McCleave, Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Director of Brand Marketing. “Marathon gasoline continues to provide our customers the assurance of quality associated with the STP brand and will remove the accumulation of harmful deposits and improve the performance of their vehicle’s engine.”

“For over 10 years, we’ve been proud to have our proprietary STP additives in Marathon gasoline,” said Guy Andrysick, senior vice president and general manager of the Global Auto Care Division of Spectrum Brands Holdings, the owners of the STP brand. “The continued combination of these two long-time, trusted American brands creates an offering that’s both unique and unmatched in the industry.”