Findlay, Ohio,
04:58 PM

Marketing On The Go With Rolling Billboards

With continuous growth across the country, Speedway has launched a new way to spread the word about great deals and Speedy Rewards® using a strategy of rolling billboards. These innovative new displays are created by wrapping tanker transport trailers with colorful graphics that easily grab the attention of others on the road and spread the Speedway message of value and convenience.

According to Steve Solomon, vice president, Commercial Services at Speedway, the idea of the rolling billboards arose after Speedway began operating its own transportation fleet, as well as the need to spread the Speedway brand message in new markets. “Speedway now owns and operates 80 transports under Speedway Transport Operations (SWTO),” says Solomon. “As we asked ourselves how we could further introduce the Speedway brand and our industry-leading loyalty program (Speedy Rewards®) to our new markets, the use of our transports made good sense.”

Approximately half of the SWTO transport trailers featuring the rolling billboards hit the roadways during the month of April, primarily in North Carolina and South Carolina, with less frequent trips to Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Speedway also worked with MPC’s Terminal, Transport and Rail organization to have nearly 25 additional trailers in the Midwest imaged with the Speedway brand information. These trailers will be traveling across Ohio, Michigan, Indiana (Indianapolis area) and Illinois (Chicago area).

Tom Lefevers, vice president, Marketing, says the wraps are a fun and creative way to get the Speedway brand and Speedy Rewards message out to customers. “Consumers are very busy, so you only get a very short time to make an impression, and these rolling billboards are colorful and grab your attention,” says Lefevers.

When designing the message, Lefevers says the focus was on people who are not familiar with Speedway or Speedy Rewards. “We included snapshots of the Speedway logo and the Speedy Rewards loyalty card. The wraps also have the slogan ‘Earn Points, Get Free Stuff!’ which resonates with customers.”

“We are really excited about having our own transportation fleet and the ways in which we can use it to shout our brand message,” said Lefevers. “It also is a nice way to increase employee engagement. We are one team with one vision and there is a pride in employees seeing these trucks on highways.”