Findlay, Ohio,
02:24 PM

MarkWest Seneca Plant provides funding for life-saving AED

The MarkWest Seneca Plant was one of two organizations that provided funding for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the Noble County Youth Soccer League in Ohio. With this donation, Noble County Youth Soccer now has a life-saving tool in case of a sudden cardiac arrest event.

In 2017, the State of Ohio required all sports-related organization to educate their coaches, parents and players on the Lindsey Law (sudden cardiac arrest). AED is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm. Last year there were 356,000 sudden cardiac arrests events in the United States, without the use of an AED, 90 percent were fatal.

The Noble County Youth Soccer League is a non-profit community organization that strives to provide a safe, fun, and educational soccer experience for the youth of Noble County Ohio.