Findlay, Ohio,
07:20 PM

MPC approaches pipeline safety with experience


This article first appeared in the 2017 Citizenship Report.

We develop and maintain pipelines responsibly.

Our approach to pipeline safety is informed by more than a century of experience.

When we develop a pipeline, our planning phase takes into account the unique terrain, environmental and other characteristics of the path the pipeline will take, as well as the potential impacts it could have on landowners and the environment.

We discuss pipeline projects with regulatory agencies to make sure we understand any questions or concerns they might have.

We discuss the project with landowners whose properties might be affected by rights of way.

We conduct civil, environmental and archaeological surveys of proposed rights of way to ensure the proposed path of the pipeline is suitable. This information supports our permit applications with regulatory agencies.

During an extensive permit application process, our permits are reviewed by regulators, and we answer any questions they might have, or accompany them on field visits they might wish to make to verify the conditions we have outlined in our permit applications.

Some permit applications involve the opportunity for public comment. We support regulatory agencies by providing technical information they might need to respond to public comments.