Canton, Ohio,
06:34 PM

MPC Employee Recognized as ‘Firefighter of the Year’

In November, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC’s) John Gross was recognized for his leadership and dedication in Canton, Ohio with the 2015 Stark County Firefighter of the Year Award. Gross serves as fire chief of MPC’s Canton refinery. As part of MPC’s commitment to safety, our refineries employ specially trained fire personnel who provide routine inspections and prevention measures.

In addition to his role at MPC, Gross is involved with numerous firefighting organizations in the local community. As vice president of the Stark County fire chiefs, he oversees training given to all Stark County firefighters. He is also the chairman of the Stark County Incident Management Assist team, and a member of the Stark County Hazardous Materials Executive Board. Most recently, Gross played an integral role in creating the technical rescue team, which involves the resources of five county fire departments.

Canton Township Fire Chief Chris Smith said, “Chief John Gross has been an invaluable resource to our organization and others throughout Stark County, providing education and resources when needed.”

“We are really proud of John and his role not only here at the refinery but also what he does for our surrounding community,” says Canton Refinery General Manager Brad McKain. “John’s knowledge and leadership around emergency response is a tremendous asset for the refinery and for the greater Canton area.