Findlay, Ohio,
11:05 PM

MPC employees team up to help build inclusive playground

With the opening of the Blanchard Valley Health System Miracle Park in Findlay, Ohio, 2016 turned out to be a big year for those with a special love for fun and baseball. Thanks to Fields for All, the Miracle League of Findlay and the hard work of many volunteers, the Miracle Park officially opened in August 2016. In addition to a beautiful specially designed baseball stadium, the park includes a new inclusive playground for all children to enjoy while at the park. Both the field and the playground are designed to allow children with special needs to enjoy the fun of summer outdoor activities.

To the average eye, putting together a playground looks like a monumental game of pickup sticks. But when it came to the all-inclusive facility under construction by Fields for All and the Miracle League of Findlay, there was certainly no lack of quality labor. Nearly 100 TT&R volunteers signed up for the construction phase of the project during the first weeks of June.

“An inclusive playground provides access to adults and children of all abilities, providing an opportunity for kids to have fun with family and friends – without physical barriers frequently encountered in traditional outdoor play areas,” notes Jared Rinker, a TT&R project engineer and secretary of the board for the Miracle League of Findlay. “With safety as a primary focus, the playground will be completely covered in a rubberized surface. You can also sit in one location and watch children on the playground and the adjacent ball field at the same time.”

Once the word was out on the need for volunteers, the response from TT&R employees was no surprise.

“As soon as the call went out, employees jumped in and filled the volunteer spots in a short time,” notes TT&R District Manager Greg Herold, who also serves as president of the Miracle League of Findlay board. “Once on-site, it was impressive to see how quickly the team worked together, even moving ahead of schedule to ensure the project’s success. It’s a great example of MPC and TT&R’s commitment to the Findlay community.”

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