Findlay, Ohio,
01:32 PM

MPC posts 2015 Citizenship Report

The Marathon Petroleum Corporation 2015 Citizenship Report provides information on our non-financial 2014 performance, as well as insights into how we manufacture petroleum products while maintaining safe, environmentally sound and community-conscious operations. Below is a letter from President and CEO Gary R. Heminger introducing the report.

Fellow shareholders, friends and neighbors,

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) helps make our communities and our nation stronger. We’re a manufacturing company that provides well-paying jobs, our manufacturing plants are located in the U.S., and the products we make are produced with over 80 percent North American crude oil.

We are actively engaged in improving the communities where we do business, and we voluntarily participate in initiatives that take our health, safety, environmental, governance and other performances well beyond minimum requirements. We advocate on behalf of our industry and the interests of our customers, and we’re transparent about our political engagement.

Our commercial success and service to society are inextricably related. Our profitability contributes to the prosperity of shareholders across the nation, including retirees and pension funds, among others.

Fueling opportunity: MPC’s employees work to manufacture, transport and sell the fuels and other petroleum products that make life better for tens of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. Our products unlock opportunity for people in all walks of life by making transportation and commerce possible on a massive scale. Our manufacturing facilities, offices and other work locations provide thousands of well-paying jobs, and our extensive network of Speedway convenience stores provide employees with opportunities to gain valuable skills and long-term career prospects in a successful, technology-oriented retail environment.

Helping neighbors: Our company is actively engaged in the communities where we do business. We take a grassroots approach to our community involvement – one that is driven by our employees who live in and near the communities where we work. Every community has unique needs, and nobody knows a community better than the people who live there. Our employees volunteer their time, their resources and their expertise accordingly, and MPC is proud to support their efforts. We match charitable contributions, donate to nonprofits for which employees volunteer, and more. Our employees also help to determine how MPC’s financial contributions to communities are allocated. The end result is that we contribute where, when and how it is most needed.

Protecting people: We take an uncompromising approach to the safety of our employees and neighbors. At our facilities – whether it’s refineries, pipelines or terminals – employees are empowered to shut down operations if they believe there is a potential safety hazard. We constantly work to reduce our incident rate, and we won’t stop until every employee and contractor goes home just as safe and healthy at the end of every shift as when they arrived.

Protecting the environment: We manufacture the fuels that millions of people rely on every day, and we work toward accomplishing this critical work with an ever-smaller environmental footprint. As an example, at the six refineries we owned from 2002 through 2014, we increased gross throughputs by almost 40 percent. But during that same period, our greenhouse gas emissions – a measure of energy efficiency – increased by only 8 percent. In short: we are doing more with less.

We make enormous contributions to society, and I’m proud to present this Citizenship Report to detail some of our important accomplishments and progress.


Gary R. Heminger

President and Chief Executive Officer