Findlay, Ohio,
10:19 PM

MPC Recruiters Increasingly Use Web-based and Mobile Platforms

Using LinkedIn and HireVue to find and/or interview candidates

Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC’s) Talent Acquisition team has smoothly transitioned their business processes and they are excited to spread the news. The recruiters who spend every day seeking qualified candidates for open positions at MPC have embraced the opportunity to use new technology to change how they find and interview applicants.

In June, MPC launched a company page on LinkedIn®, which marks the company’s first foray into social media. Beyond using the page for job postings and company information, MPC is also using LinkedIn Recruiter, a specialized set of tools to navigate, search and communicate with the thousands of personal profiles on the social network. “Traditionally, we had to rely on interested candidates to find out about our open positions on their own, then apply on our website,” said Tony Moore, MPC Talent Acquisition supervisor. “LinkedIn has provided us the opportunity to take a proactive approach to finding the best fit for the MPC family. We can now reach out directly to people who have the specific background and experience needed for any position.”

Earlier this year, the Talent Acquisition team also started using HireVue, a platform specifically designed to aid in the hiring process. Classified as the first mobile interviewing application, HireVue allows job candidates to complete a virtual job interview on an iPhone, iPad or personal computer. Questions are created by the company and candidates may interview at any time or location. Once completed, the interview is sent back directly to the recruiter for review.

“The recruiters and the candidates have both benefited from the convenience of a mobile interviewing platform,” said Erin Schwiebert, Talent Acquisition recruiter. “Allowing the candidate to interview on their own schedule has expedited the hiring process. It’s also made the process less stressful for the candidates, creating a more positive early experience with MPC.”

Schwiebert recently received the Recruiter Rockstar Hall of Fame award for her work with HireVue. The award recognizes individual recruiters who have embraced digital recruiting and championed the technology within their own companies. Winners of this award have demonstrated individual results and have gone above and beyond to train and give advice to other recruiters.

Organizers of the Talent Interaction Conference (where the award was given) said, “Today, Marathon Petroleum is using HireVue to fill many experienced positions and is even using it for college recruiting. Candidates are taking notice and have said that Marathon’s brand is hip and innovative.” This perception of MPC is what Talent Acquisition hopes to encourage now and into the future.

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