Findlay, Ohio,
08:18 PM

MPC values all employees and their families

Same-sex marriage is a hot-button social issue that can affect people deeply. It can resonate on personal, spiritual and political levels, which makes it an issue that can be controversial – and even divisive. But Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is charged with doing its critical work as effectively, safely and efficiently as possible. This means our policies look at the matter with a practical eye: we want to attract the best employees for every position in our company. If we lose an excellent employee, or fail to attract one, then our performance could suffer.

Our pay, benefits and policies reflect this; we consider our employees our most valuable asset, and that’s how we treat them. For years, we have offered health benefits to employees’ spouses and domestic partners, regardless of their gender. So when the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in 2015 made same-sex marriage legal across the nation, the biggest change to our benefits was that same-sex spouses were recognized under our retirement plan.

“Before the Obergefell ruling, if an employee was legally married in a state that allowed same-sex marriages, then his or her spouse would have been eligible for our company-sponsored health, vision, dental and other insurance benefits,” said Rod Nichols, MPC’s senior vice president of Human Resources and Administrative Services.

“We strive to deliver a benefits package that is socially and fiscally responsible; consideration of our diverse population is essential in designing benefits that are attractive.”

But MPC’s practical approach doesn’t stop at mere policy or benefits.

After all, there are many for whom same-sex relationships – including marriage – violate deeply held personal beliefs. Our Diversity and Inclusion organization provides workshops, panel discussions with gay employees, and discussion sessions companywide to address the issue.

“Our emphasis is always very practical,” said Jaime De La Cruz, MPC’s manager of Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management. “A diverse array of thinking, life experience, socio-economic origin and demographics makes us a much stronger, smarter company. This doesn’t always mean agreement, endorsement or friendship, but it does mean professionalism and valuing your fellow employees.”