Findlay, Ohio,
08:46 PM

Our employees are engaged


Every two years, MPC commissions a companywide survey of employees by organizational assessment and employee survey firm Sirota Consulting. Through this survey, we explore employee engagement and the perceptions of our health, environment, safety and security (HES&S) situation. Our next survey is scheduled for this year.

The employee engagement portion of the last survey (conducted in 2014) included 49 questions, while the HES&S portion included 43. Employee participation in the engagement portion of the survey was 88 percent, while 86 percent participated in the HES&S portion.

We present some of the most important survey metrics below. If positive responses to a statement are 80 percent or higher, it is considered a strength. If positive responses are below 65 percent, it is considered an opportunity for improvement. We had only two statements that indicated opportunities for improvement.


Of the 92 total questions, 67 scored 80 percent positive responses or higher, and are considered strengths. Below are some of the highest-scoring items:

  • Just about everyone feels that MPC promotes a culture of safety (95 percent) and environmental stewardship (94 percent).
  • A huge majority (90 percent) of those surveyed would recommend MPC as a place to work and are proud to work for the company.
  • Almost all employees (96 percent) enjoy a good relationship with their co-workers.
  • Virtually all employees feel they have received adequate safety training (95 percent) and environmental training (92 percent) and often correct safety hazards themselves (92 percent).
  • Most employees feel their supervisors would support them for stopping a job for safety reasons (93 percent) and also support the Behavior Based Safety program (91 percent).
  • Nearly all employees would report something they believed to be illegal or unethical (94 percent) and also feel encouraged to report potential environmental violations (95 percent).
  • Nine out of 10 employees have confidence in the future of the company and are highly motivated to go above and beyond to help MPC be successful.


Of the 92 total questions, two scored less than 65 percent positive responses.

  • Only 60 percent of employees feel their organization has enough employees to do a quality job.
  • A similarly low proportion (61 percent) believe that the promotion process rewards employees with the ability and motivation to work safely.


A significant number of the employee engagement and HES&S questions on the survey allow us to compare ourselves to other companies in an industry comparator group. MPC rated substantially higher than comparator employee groups in several areas. Below are those in which we rated 20 percentage points or more above our comparator group:

  • That we would report a minor injury: 20 percent higher
  • Belief that management is more concerned about keeping people safe than with keeping the injury statistics low: 28 percent higher
  • That meeting production goals rarely requires employees to put themselves at risk: 20 percent higher
  • That my supervisor would support stopping work for safety reasons: 21 percent higher
  • That we would report a near miss: 22 percent higher
  • Belief that discipline for safety violations is fair and consistent: 20 percent higher
  • Belief that everyone (including contractors) is held to the same safety standard: 20 percent higher
  • Feel that our supervisors do not put production ahead of safety: 26 percent higher
  • Our safety reward/recognition programs encourage employees to work safely and participate in safety activities: 20 percent higher