Findlay, Ohio,
11:40 PM

Responsible Care Award Encourages Company Excellence

Every year, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC’s) internal organizations compete for MPC’s President's Award for Responsible Care. This is one of the company’s most distinguished awards, and is granted annually to recognize excellence in health, environment, safety, security, product quality, diversity and business integrity. The winning organization is presented with an engraved crystal trophy, an award celebration ceremony and a $10,000 community outreach grant to be donated to a local non-profit organization of their choice.

In developing the criteria for the President's Award, risks are assessed to pinpoint focus areas for establishing metrics. Each year, the criteria for the President’s Award change and evolve to drive further performance improvement in our company. Achieving success in the metrics associated with the President’s Award requires commitment to continual improvement from all levels of employees within the competing organizations. Each year, performance is driven to new levels of success, but the bar never stops moving up. As the bar moves up, so does the performance of the company.

Winning this year’s trophy was MPC’s Terminal, Transport & Rail (TT&R) organization. TT&R is responsible for most of MPC's land based product distribution facilities and operations. Having won this award for the first time last year, this year’s win gives TT&R employees the distinction of being the first back-to-back winner since MPC first established the award. TT&R applied Responsible Care’s “Plan-Do-Check-Adjust” management system across their dozens of locations in 15 states, with flawless execution as their goal.

Some of TT&R’s key achievements for the year included:

  • Achieving a safety performance index of 0.87, compared to the industry average of 6.09

  • Obtaining OSHA certification for a second VPP Star site last year

  • Earning the International Liquid Terminals Association Platinum Safety Award--the highest in that industry for the second year in a row

  • Celebrating the seventh consecutive year of earning the National Private Truck Council's Driver All-Star Award

  • Winning the American Association of Railroads Perfect Game Award

  • Finishing 2015 with no Tier 1 process safety events, no category 3 or 4 product quality incidents, and no Tier 3 or 4 designated environmental incidents

  • Increasing community service to more than 13,000 hours

TT&R employees allocated the winning grant money evenly to Disabled American Veterans and Cancer Patient Services (Findlay, Ohio). They hope to have the same honor next year as the first three peat winner of the coveted award.