Sylvania, Ohio,
12:12 AM

Rewarded for Trying the Real Thing

Golf simulator gives Marathon Classic patrons a shot at Marathon gas cards

Hushed conversations, gentle applause, excited shouts, competitive ribbing, and extreme aggravation. It’s everything you’d expect to find out in the world of professional golf, but contained in a quiet, covered tent with a large screen. This is aboutGolf’s golf simulator, and it’s as close to the real thing as you’ll get. Plus, you get the chance to win free gas cards for getting close to the hole.

“It’s incredibly accurate – and here I did about as well as I have on the real thing,” said Marathon Classic patron Nancy Howenstein. She points at the big screen behind her and says, “Today they’re using the 9th hole on the Pebble Beach golf course, which my husband and I played recently.”

The golf simulator features realistic renderings of the world’s best professional golf courses. Today is Pebble Beach and many visitors recognize the hole immediately. Howenstein said, “I will say, it was a relief to play this hole without wind. In real life, the wind is so unpredictable. It’s impossible to get a good shot.”

“We keep the wind turned off for competitions like these, but we’re able to put in real weather conditions,” said aboutGolf employee Ed Kanine. “We can change the wind conditions and even make the ground wet or dry.” Based in Maumee, Ohio, aboutGolf travels the country, mostly for golf tournaments and trade shows, and its simulations can be customized to suit the audience. At the Marathon Classic, this simulator has been outfitted with the Marathon logo, both on the tent itself and painted in the grass of the virtual course.

“This has been a great partnership, and it’s nice that we’re both headquartered in this region,” said Kanine about the relationship with Marathon Petroleum. “It’s been fun handing out the gas cards to the winners.” Each patron gets two shots at the hole. Shots that land within 20 feet from the hole win a $5 gas card; shots that land within five feet from the hole win a $25 gas card. Nancy Howenstein and her husband Ed were two of today’s winners – she won a $5 card and he won a $25 card.

In terms of today’s tournament progress, the second round got off to a late start due to some heavy rainfall in the morning. Even with the two-hour delay, competition has been fierce. Currently, Ha Ha Jang is in the lead with Q Baek only a single stroke behind.

Tournament Coverage

To get highlights or to stay up-to-date on the tournament’s leaderboard, information can be found at and All four rounds of the tournament will also be internationally broadcast on the Golf Channel each day from 2-4 p.m. Exclusive coverage will be shared on Snapchat, username marathonpetroco.

This article is the third in a series highlighting activities and events related to the tournament.