Findlay, Ohio,
02:40 PM

Serving the STACK

When you hear the words “Oklahoma STACK,” it refers to a geological formation that crosses five counties in central to western Oklahoma. The acronym stands for “Sooner Trend (oil field), Anadarko (basin), Canadian and Kingfisher (counties).” The STACK is aptly named because the geological formations are stacked on top of each other.

MPLX’s Gathering & Processing segment includes several facilities in western Oklahoma to service producers in the STACK play. A total of five cryogenic gas processing plants, along with associated gathering and compression facilities, provide producers with multiple residue gas outlets and access to natural gas liquids takeaway pipelines.

“The STACK play is the busiest part of Oklahoma when it comes to the number of active drilling rigs,” notes Kevin Kubat, vice president, Oklahoma operations. “The gas here is very rich and requires processing before it is pipeline quality gas.”

The Arapaho complex, which is composed of three gas processing plants, is located near Butler, Oklahoma, in the Anadarko basin in an area known as the Granite Wash. Together, the three plants process 225 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d). The first Arapaho plant was constructed in 2000, with the other two coming online in 2008 and 2011.

The Buffalo Creek plant processes 200 MMcf/d in Sayre, Oklahoma, also in the heart of the Granite Wash. “The plant was partially complete when we acquired it in 2013, and we started it in 2014,” notes Region Manager Darron Bond. 

The Omega Plant, located in the center of the STACK play, is a 75 MMcf/d plant (soon to ramp up to 120 MMcf/d) that came on line in July 2018. One interesting feature of Omega is that it’s an automated plant, meaning that it is totally electric and is operated 16 hours a day remotely from our Buffalo Creek plant, some 100 miles away. A second Omega plant is slated to come online in mid-2019 which will be able to process up to 200 MMcf/d.

“One other unique aspect of this area for us is that we also gather around 40,000 bpd of crude oil from 223 wells in the STACK area,” adds Kubat. “That project started about two-and-a half years ago. The crude is then shipped by pipeline to Cashion, Oklahoma, to the Plains terminal, and then on to Cushing, Oklahoma.”

Pictured above is the Buffalo Creek plant.