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Special Olympics is an 'Emotional and Rewarding Experience'

MPC Marine Transportation Employees Support Local Athletes


Thirty MPC employees assist at the 2014 Cabell County, W.Va., Special Olympics

More than 30 employees from Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s Marine Transportation organization recently supported some of their favorite athletes at the 2014 Cabell County, W.Va., Special Olympics.

“This is the second year in a row Marine employees have spent part or all of their day volunteering at the event, which gives participants an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and to achieve athletic success,” notes Marine Transportation Senior HR Consultant Megan Davies. “About 400 athletes, along with their proud families and friends, took part.”

From providing assistance at various event stations to cheering on the athletes and awarding place tickets for medals, Marine volunteers added fun and excitement to the competition. “They get as much out of it as the participants,” adds Davies. “It is an emotional and rewarding experience, and we are proud as an organization to be part of it.”

Marine’s involvement came about through Administrative Assistant Angela Bailey, who has coordinated the volunteer initiative for the last two years. “I’m close to a family whose son, Aaron, has Down syndrome,” explains Bailey. “I met them at the Crossfit facility in Huntington, and every time I took off running, Aaron ran with me, supporting me every step of the way. When I learned Aaron was going to be in the Special Olympics, I wanted to support him, too.”

Bailey then thought of a way to generate even more support, not only for Aaron, but all Special Olympics participants – the Marine Community Relations Team. She put the word out about a new volunteer opportunity. “The first year, arrangements were just sort of thrown together; but this year, we brought the cavalry,” Bailey notes. “Everybody loves taking part, and it melts my heart.”