Findlay, Ohio,
02:57 PM

The Meaning of Our Work

By manufacturing petroleum products, Marathon Petroleum Corporation helps make virtually every aspect of modern life possible. And because of ever-improving processes and technologies, we do this critical work more cleanly and safely than ever before.

The fuels we produce enable farmers to till, irrigate, plant and harvest crops to feed themselves and their communities. Reliable and affordable fuels empower people to transport themselves to markets, schools, medical facilities and community events. Diesel and gasoline allow businesses to provide the goods of our everyday lives, as they procure raw materials, manufacture products and transport them to those who need them.

During times of emergency, petroleum fuels can help alleviate suffering. Recovery from natural disasters is quicker and safer with petroleum-fueled ambulances, fire trucks and law enforcement resources. During power outages, electricity at hospitals and markets can be quickly restored with petroleum-powered generators. Food, medical supplies and construction materials are provided to those in need by trucks, aircraft and marine vessels powered by petroleum fuels.

Petroleum fuels enable us to build the structures in which we live, work, shop, learn and heal. Petroleum products are all around us – in our computers, the inks in our printers, the foams that make safe helmets and effective insulations, the plastics that make cars light and strong, and so much more.

In our latest Citizenship Report, we provide insight into how we provide petroleum products, so critical to every aspect of our lives, while we maintain safe, environmentally sound and community-conscious operations.