Lynchburg, Virginia,
06:17 PM

Virginia Marathon brand presence grows

Marathon brand stations are independently owned and operated, and each one is unique. When Watts Petroleum owner John Watts (pictured above) decided to rebrand his gas stations eight years ago, he was the first in the Lynchburg, Virginia, area to carry the iconic red, white and blue Marathon branding.

Watts has 26 Marathon branded stations and three more coming online soon.

Paying close attention to taking care of image details is an important part of their success. “Watts Petroleum has some of the nicest looking locations in this area of Virginia,” said Dan Cameron, Marathon Brand territory manager. “They consistently have top Mystery Shop scores, and their attention to the small details at their locations really shows.”

Watts, his wife Randall, and son Drake remain the central figures in the third generation family-owned company, which also has a significant heating oil and propane business.

Watts is focused on growing the Marathon brand. “We believe we’re doing the right things to continue to grow as part of our long-term business model,” added Drake Watts. “It’s going to be a big year for us, adding three new Marathon locations.”

Back in 2010, John Watts said his goal was to be known as a family-owned, central Virginia company that was growing with the times. We’d say mission accomplished.