Findlay, Ohio,
06:39 PM

We are prepared for emergencies


MPC’s Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) is ready to respond to an emergency at any time. Made up of specially trained employees from organizations throughout the company, CERT is a critical part of MPC’s role as a good corporate citizen.

CERT provides response management and corporate resources and technical support during an emergency situation. Members are trained to use the Incident Command System, widely used by government agencies and emergency responders. This allows CERT to integrate seamlessly in a time of crisis.

Rick DeFend, manager of MPC’s Corporate Emergency Preparedness, says CERT plays an important role in maintaining the company’s focus on what matters. “We conduct our business while protecting and preserving the health and safety of employees, contractors and community residents,” DeFend said. “We also protect the environment, as well as our property and that of our neighbors.”

One of the most important aspects of CERT’s training is a yearly three-day drill. This drill simulates an event that significantly impacts MPC’s operations, the environment, a community or sometimes all three. During these scenarios, CERT practices not just its own ability to respond to these events, but its ability to collaborate effectively with federal, state and local responders.

Just like real incidents, CERT drills involve federal organizations, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the U.S. Coast Guard; state environmental protection or wildlife agencies, such as the Texas General Land Office or the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality; and local emergency responders, such as fire departments, law enforcement and emergency managers.

Annual CERT drills enable MPC to continually improve its ability to respond to incidents, and to maintain successful working relationships with federal, state and local agencies involved in incident response.

“One of the most interesting facts about our CERT team is that everyone volunteers to be a part of it,” added DeFend. “These are employees who want to lend their expertise to this effort, and that ensures our response capability is not only robust, but driven by a passion to do the right thing.”

Quick facts about CERT

  • Established in 1990
  • CERT is made up of two main groups:
    • Emergency Strike Team (about 100 members)
    • Emergency Support Group (about 85 members)
  • CERT has responded to product releases, product quality issues and humanitarian efforts.
  • CERT, along with federal, state and local responders, participates in an annual three-day exercise.